Fashion Consultant / Print Designer.

Research and development activities all done in 2016, related to the creation and realization of new collections products prototypes.

– Collection Woman A/W 2017-2018;
– Collection Woman S/S 2017;
– Collection Man A/W 2017-18;
– Collection Man S/S 2017;

The activity is finalized to the realization of accessorie’s graphic projects, such as: bags, scarves, ties, etc..
Precise definition and development of graphic and creative ideas as well as proposals of product’s graphic projects
which unlike previous collections distinguish themselves for the use of new themes, designs, colors, characterized by the right balance of new materials, lines and new details on shapes, prints and embroidery. Textiles realized with noble fibers, mixt and valuable. Silhouette rielaboration done using a sartorial approach.