JBMedia Textures

Textures realised for the corporate image of Jeffrey Byrnes company, JB MEDIA . Designs are born from Yantra and Mandala, esoteric symbols coming from the ancient vedic tradition. They are instruments to correct  environment’s energies. They develop awareness through shapes, colors, symbols and letters. They have the task of put those who observe them under the beneficent influence of those forces they represent. My desire has been the one to send a message of positivity and regeneration. I thought of JB Media as a solar system, I chose and redesigned the Sun Mandala because Jeffrey was born under the sign of Leo, whose planetary symbol tied to his zodiac sign is infact the sun. The drawing is deliberately abstract and conceptual. The result was three textures that can change every season according to needs and moods, to be printed on press kits, shopping bags, notebooks, etc. The executive project was done by MACS IOTTI.