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It relies on an advanced technology the last handbag talisman created by fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. It comes from a completely new and unique system: “Lifeproof Color Emulsion”. Ethylcellulose, super strong polymer used to coat and make food shiny, has been borrowed by food industry. The result is an innovative formula that creates a shiny and fine, impalpable film on lips giving a wet look. Lacquer and bright, durable as a long-lasting ink.


Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres is enclosed in a black boîte similar to a nail polish, it has to be applied with the aid of a curious shaped brush. Its flat shape allows an even application while the thin end draws a lip contour ultra shaped. His particular inclination, unique in its genre, allows precise gestures while its dense texture allows to better distribute color. Declined in 18 rich shades, created ad hoc by Lloyd Simmonds, Artistic Director of Makeup Yves Saint Laurent, it is on sale in most perfumeries from February.


Alessio Nesi


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