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Born in Maremma, in the South of Tuscany, Alessio Nesi is an esthete with the kind of wide-angled, biasing, layered cosmopolitanism only an Italian coming form a secluded place can have. He has nurtured his dark, intoxicating fantasy world with endless travels, both mental and real, building his very own distinctive universe, fueled on the power of elegance as make-believe, and magic as an antidote to the dullness of reality. A dandy and a disciple of Decadentism, passionate about visual arts, classical, modern and contemporary, from which he constantly takes inspiration in order to realise his many works.
Alessio Nesi channels his talent via writing, styling and illustrations. Beauty, in its many facets, is the revolving center for his polymorphous activity.

Alessio Nesi is an image maker, print designer, professional journalist and creative consultant. The former Beauty & Style Editor at Rodeo Magazine, has worked as a contributing-editor for titles such as Another Magazine, Qvest, Vogue Italia, Luna, Bmm, Fashiontrend and so on. He started out his own beauty-aesthetic blog, PROPRIETEXCLUSIVE, in December 2009. He is a writer, usually compiling press release, beauty articles, interviews; he runs creative consultancies, special projects and advertising for beauty and fashion labels.